– Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques (International Council for Large Electric Systems) 

CIGRE is een van de grootste kennisnetwerken ter wereld op het gebied van energietransport op hoge spanning. In Nederland is namens CIGRE een nationaal comité actief, waar bedrijven en instituten samenwerken aan het uitwisselen van kennis en ervaring op het gebied van energietransport op hoge spanning.

Jaap Kouwenhoven is namens het nationale Studiecomite Cigré B3 afgevaardigd in de internationale studiegroep B3.49.

Title of the Group: Review of substation busbar component reliability

Scope, deliverables and proposed time schedule of the Group:

Background: Substation busbar systems have historically received little attention within CIGRE, while overhead power line fittings have been analysed in several brochures, articles and reports. Typically, utilities have focused on the technical attributes of these components, while price was of secondary importance. However increasingly, electricity market competition is changing the focus from quality to cost. Consequently, the quality of substation busbar system components is being affected by increasing pressure among component manufacturers who are competing in a world market with ever smaller cost margins. Only limited tests are performed to confirm specification and investigate the ageing process. Utilities and manufacturers need additional guidance on ways to ensure the reliability and suitability of substation busbar and bay components, clamps and connectors, appropriate for the intended application.

Scope: The WG will consider the impact of component quality over the lifetime of open terminal busbar systems. This work will examine the role of components such as fittings, clamps, connectors, tubular busbars, insulators and conductors and their impact on the reliability and availability of a switchyard. The WG will address the following:

1. Utility survey to gather information on failure rates in service, design specifications and operational experience.

2. Produce recommendations for the design and installation of busbar and bay arrangements (triplex flat vs. triangular as example), connection to apparatus and conductors, material choice and assessment for components used.

3. Best practice and approaches to the design specification and assessment of the mechanical and electrical parameters of components.

4. Review of failure mode effect and analysis (FMEA) and advanced residual lifetime analysis methods of substation busbar components.

5. Guidelines for the appropriate interventions to ensure reliable switchyard connections. 

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Uitwisseling en verdere ontwikkeling van kennis

Het NNC CIGRE bevordert de uitwisseling van kennis op het gebied van het elektriciteitstransport en -productie en stimuleert de verdere ontwikkeling hiervan. Verder bewaakt het NNC CIGRE de kwaliteit van de Nederlandse afgevaardigde in de internationale studiecomités en werkgroepen. De voorgedragen kandidaten voor deze studiecomités en werkgroepen moeten daarom de instemming hebben van het NNC CIGRE. Het NNC CIGRE bevordert de deelname van young engineers aan de (internationale) studiecomités en werkgroepen.